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Wedding Campaign Korea 2005 35mm color

 Hwang Byeng Gug
World Premiere

The closing film is Korean director HWANG Byung-kuk셲 feature directorial debut Wedding Campaign. This heart-warming humandrama with resonance is more of an earnest anthem dedicated to those in the periphery who live their lives to the fullest. The finest performance of the principal cast including JEONG Jae-young and YU Joon-sang who deliver sweet yet earthy humor embedded in its well-written screenplay is certainly noteworthy. The film can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Hwang Byeng Gug
Born in 1968, Hwang Byeng Gug worked as an assistant and has prepared for directing with long experience. He also worked as an assistant director [City of the Rising Sun](1998), and [The Worriors](2000) and joined in production of various music videos. He visited Uzbekistan several times and wrote the scenario by himself. His perfectly prepared scenario of [Wedding Campaign] will present his debut feature. His leadership unlike any other new directors will be focused in Chungmuro.
Hwang Byeng Gug/td>
Choi Moon Soo
Jung Jae Yeong
Yun Soon Yong, Hwang Byeng Gug
Lee Doo Man
Lee Dae Hun
Kim Hyun
Kim Hong Jip